Dreamer of Worlds

“The basic difference between an ordinary human and a warrior is that a warrior takes everything as a challenge, while an ordinary human takes everything as a blessing or a curse.” ~ don Juan Matus, from Tales of Power by Carlos Castaneda


The Magical Art of Seduction

As the curator of rare and magical books, Temperance discovers a centuries-old courtesan’s primer, The Magical Art of Seduction, but can it save her when a blue-eyed man turns the tables on her? She falls under his dark spell and faces her greatest challenge. Will her ceaseless desire enslave her? As she battles to regain control, she uncovers a mysterious time portal hidden behind a panel in the back of the bookshop’s closet.




In Fuller City, the most desirable slaves go to the highest bidders and that’s how Destiny Camden becomes a prima entertainment slave. She’s forced to provide entertainment for the bloated inheritors of power in Fuller City and desperately wants to escape from her virtual reality prison. As it turns out, she’s no ordinary slave. Her unusual ability to wake up inside the VR allows her to break the programming inserted by the Dreamweavers and change it in ways that serve her own ends. She wants the power to control her own reality instead of being mind-whipped.


For the Vorteci, everything is connected, and all species are equal. They don’t extract resources the way it was done for centuries. Even now there are mountainsides that haven’t recovered from the strip mining. Why did the people all those years ago, whose descendants now live in Fuller City, think it was acceptable to destroy the world to meet their needs, especially when the damage would last for thousands of years, far beyond their own lifetimes?