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Step Into the Edifice

A Warrior Walks Through an EdificeDon Juan told Castaneda that “Spirit sets up an edifice, and the warrior walks into it.”  The difference between an “average man” and a warrior, in don Juan’s view, which was the sorcerer’s view, was that a warrior has dusted his link to Spirit and is always in communication with Spirit.

This is a kind of intelligence.  It’s different than book intelligence or other kinds of intelligence.

As a warrior, I’m always looking for the edifice that Spirit has created so I can walk into it.  I’m not looking with my eyes.  I’m looking with some other part of my being, some other sense perception.

The edifice is an incredible network that intent builds and places before a sorcerer. Don Juan refers to it as “the edifice of intent seen by a sorcerer. The knock of the spirit is the same edifice seen by the beginner who is invited, or rather forced, to enter.”

“After a lifetime of practice,” don Juan continued, “sorcerers know if the spirit is inviting them to enter the edifice being flaunted before them. They have learned to discipline their connecting links to intent. So they are always forewarned, always know what the spirit has in store for them.”

How does a beginner see and know the edifice that Spirit has created in order to walk into it?

That’s difficult to explain because it comes from silent knowledge, what we might call intuition, and it has to cross over to the language side of the brain in order to use words to explain it.

But generally the way I deal with it is when I see something in front of me, a path or an edifice that Spirit has laid out in front of me, I ask myself, “Why did Spirit put this here?”  I trust that there is a reason and I walk into it.  Understand though, that’s different than being manipulated by situations.  If you ever feel like you’re being manipulated or taking responsibility for someone else’s crap, you’re moving in the wrong direction.

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