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Warrior-Gods & Goddesses in Training

logoEarth is a school for little gods and goddesses in the making.  In the Bible, it says that God made man in His own image.  Some people say that’s backwards, that in truth, man made God in his own image.  I think both are true.

In the spiritual realm, we are like God.  We are little droplets of consciousness swimming in an ocean of consciousness.  On the earthly plane, we are encased in fleshy bodies — incarnated.  In order for our small brains to comprehend something as vast as God, the Ground of Being, we put it into a form that our minds can grasp.

In the story of Genesis, Adam and Eve were like children.  It was already part of the plan that they be expelled from Eden, but we choose it (we are all Adam and Eve).  We choose to leave Eden and go to school on Earth so that we can grow in consciousness, evolving from innocent bunnies nibbling greens into little gods and goddesses with the power of creation.

When you shift from feeling like a victim to feeling empowered as a creator, you are well on your way to becoming the Being you were truly meant to be, the one I call your True Self.  We rarely make that journey easily.  And why would we?  The gift we have been given is too great for some whiny victim to wield.  One must become a warrior.

Self-pity is self-indulgent.  It’s a form of self-importance.  You think you’re special because you were a victim at some point in your life?  Get real.

Everyone has a story of trauma, abuse, pain, and suffering.  Everyone.  And everyone has a gift.

Maybe we learned helplessness as a child and it became a survival mechanism.  Evoking sympathy got our needs met.  But as an adult, it becomes “co-dependent.”  One person plays the martyr, the giver, the care-taker, the savior.  The other person is the broken one, the helpless one.  That is not to say we should never help one another.  In fact, we’re here together to help one another in mutually-beneficial relationships.  We’re here to learn to create by helping ourselves and each other.  The co-dependent relationship is the one that’s out of balance, the relationship in which one person can’t do anything right so the other rides in to save them.  Unfortunately the “victim” is unsalvageable.  Why?  Because they cannot save themselves.  They always have another problem to solve.  That is the pattern.  It’s a way that both people avoid the real work of becoming their True Selves.

A warrior stops waiting for someone or something to save him or her.  And a warrior doesn’t become obsessed with changing other people.  A warrior changes herself.  She lets go of the past and lives fully in the present.  A warrior knows her True Purpose for being here.  It is the same for all of us:  Awaken from the Dream, Connect to Spirit/Abundance, Become Your True Self.  When people say, “live an inspired life” that’s what they’re talking about.

As I write these words, I am living an inspired life.  I am living from inspiration.

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