Nonviolent CommunicationExploring The Fundamentals Of NVC Awareness and Creating A Path To Love And Fulfillment

When we transform the way we communicate, we transform our world: Create empowering compassionate relationships with yourself and others. Communicate clearly, effectively, and authentically. Transform adversaries into allies.

5 Wednesday beginning Feb. 7th, 6:30 to 9:00 p.m.
Jefferson Unitarian Church 14350 West 32nd Avenue Golden, CO 80401

Tuition $229.00 (Scholarships Available)
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The Bohemian Life CoverOnline Writers Workshops

Want the benefit of weekly writers workshops without the commute? Through this online workshop you can hone your skills with new techniques and fun writing exercises, then email what you’ve written (up to 1000 words per week) to instructor Evon Davis to receive some brief feedback and gentle constructive suggestions for improvement.

In this four-week workshop, you’ll be able to write one or two scenes per week for the novel, memoir, or short stories you’re working on. All skill levels are welcome. Using the weekly writing exercises, you’ll unleash your creativity, hone your craft, and get inspired to tell your unique story! Only $49 for 4 weeks.

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infinite-universal-onenessUnleash Your Creativity is a 12-Week Program based on NVC principles that follows the structure of The Artist’s Way. This course adds in my own experience with other consciousness-expanding technologies which I have developed as a Life Transformation Coach and Accredited Facilitator with Rocky Mountain Compassionate Communication Network, and the benefit of a group of people who will learn and grow together, sharing their experiences as they move through the program. This 12-week program, including daily motivational videos, is only $120. To enroll, click on the paypal button below.

For questions, please contact Evon Davis at Admin @ (no spaces)

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PandorasBoxLargeWeekly Writers Workshop

Every week, a dedicated group of writers meet for two hours to explore their love of writing. We write. We talk writing. We hone our skills with new techniques and fun writing exercises. Then we share what we’ve written by reading it aloud to the group to receive some support and gentle constructive suggestions for improvement. All readings are optional. In the two hours time span, we’re each able to write two scenes for the novels, memoirs, or short stories we’re working on. Come join us for an enjoyable evening in the company of creative folk! Only $99 for 5 weeks!

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The Bohemian Life CoverPlotting a Novel, Memoir, or Screenplay: The Structure That Holds It All Together

Mythic structure can be found in almost every myth worldwide from ancient times to modern-day blockbusters, like Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Avatar. This structure creates compelling stories and provides organization, giving you an essential tool to complete a novel, memoir, or screenplay. Students will learn about the 12 stages of the hero’s journey and use those 12 stages to plot the main character’s journey. During class students will work with their own story ideas and turn them into functional outlines. Evon Davis has successfully published a number of books, including Pandora’s Box, a modern-day version of the myth.


In_the_Magic_Flow_largeYour Life in Print: Memoirs, Personal Essays, and Autobiographical Fiction

You have a story to tell and probably at least one book in you. Memoir writing is a valuable tool for understanding the meaning of your life, processing your experiences, and learning all that can be learned from them. It’s a way of turning profound moments into art and giving others the chance to learn and be moved by your life story. Learn what a memoir is and how to focus the themes and time-frames of your life in order to write a memoir. Learn the difference between writing a summary and describing a scene and how you can mix the two. Through discussion, reviewing sample memoir pieces, and in-class writing exercises, novelist and writing teacher Evon Davis will get you telling the story of your life.


Personal Growth, Empowerment & Shadow Integration:

Self-Empowering Communication (based on Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg)

The Power of Manifestation (based on my own book by the same title)

In the Magic Flow (based on my own book by the same title)

ShadowLight: Self-Empowerment Through Personal Integration

The Power of Authenticity

Keys to theA Separate Reality Magic Realm

An Initiation into Spiritual AlchemyMoon Magic

The Shaman-Warrior Teachings of don Juan Matus (based on Journey to Ixtlan by Carlos Castaneda)

Violet & Fortune: Exploring the Biography & Work of Dion Fortune

Sirenology: The Integration of Strength & Femininity

Tantric Moon Magic


Creativity Workshops:

Unleash Your Creativity! (based on The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron)

Daily Writing Adventures

Heartwork: Micro-Entrepreneurship & Spiritual Alignment:

The Ultimate Anti-Career Guide by Rick Jarow

Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez

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