Work in Progress


1) Read Week 4 in The Artist’s Way, “Recovering a Sense of Integrity.”

WEEK 3: GOALS SET & MET (Magic & Synchronicity)

1) The online conference went well for “Unleash Your Creativity!
2) Signing on with Open Heart every second Saturday as an informal assistant facilitator.
3) Joining David Steele and Ken Rosevear as a lead facilitator with Art of Compassion.
4) Enjoying a mutually-satisfying collaborative experience with one of my creative writing coaching clients.
5) Paid sooner than I expected from a work commitment that I recently completed.
6) A new client opportunity landed in my lap this past week.

7) Continuing negotiations with CFU regarding a workshop I am proposing, have an appointment on Tuesday to seal the deal.

8) Continuing to record and upload one “Artist’s Way & NVC” video per day.

9) Did “Standing Tall Zoom Call” with David Steele on Tuesday evening.

10) Completed all the homework and classwork for my MFA that was due last week.

11) On track to completing all work for my MFA that’s due this week.

12) Added 3 new blog posts to my website.

13) Continuing to do my daily journaling.

14) Read Week 3 in The Artist’s Way, Recovering a Sense of Power.

15) Got my driver’s license renewed!

16) Attended The Transformative Power Of Communicating With Compassion as an assistant facilitator at the Englewood Library on Saturday, January 20th.

17) Registered for Explore Your Resonant Self: A Training With Sarah Peyton, March 17th and 18th


1) Worked on developing my tarot-astrology business.

2) Sent email to Full Moon Books expressing interest in being an onsite reader.

3) Sent email to CFU regarding a new workshop I’m proposing and responded to questions.

4) Sent out a Mail Chimp newsletter.

5) Sent feedback on a writing assignment to a book coaching client.

6) Recorded my 2-3 minute pitch video for my Indie Go Go campaign.

7) Researched what’s necessary to prepare a workshop proposal to Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers.

8) Read Week 2 in The Artist’s Way.

9) Recorded and uploaded 7 videos on The Artist’s Way for Week 2.

10) Recorded and uploaded a video for the New Moon, January 16, 2018.

11) Drafted my Indie Go Go campaign.

12) Asked David to put my workshop, “Unleash Your Creativity!” onto the website, which he did.

13) Asked David to update my website link on the accredited facilitator page on, which he did.

14) Started the spring semester of my master’s program in creative writing.


1) Bought two special journals for my 3 daily pages.

2) Read Week One: Recovering a Sense of Safety.

3) My Artist’s Date: wrote a letter from my future self in my new journal.

4) Recorded 7 videos, one for each day of the week, for Week One.

5) One of the most significant hurdles was working with my fears.

6) Along with the Artist’s Way videos, I created tarot-astrology videos and put together an online creative writing workshop.

7) For my birthday, my friend Tracey gave me a copy of “Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear” by Elizabeth Gilbert.

8) I found an old list of 60 things I accomplished in the decade from July 2006 to July 2016 that was very encouraging.

9) I met needs for safety, inspiration, learning and growth, creativity, self-expression, fun & play this week.