infinite-universal-onenessUnleash Your Creativity is a 12-Week Program based on NVC principles that follows the structure of The Artist’s Way. This course adds in my own experience with other consciousness-expanding technologies which I have developed as a Life Transformation Coach and Accredited Facilitator with Rocky Mountain Compassionate Communication Network, and the benefit of a group of people who will learn and grow together, sharing their experiences as they move through the program.

Life can be fulfilling or it can be full of creative blocks. I’ve seen both. I’ve lived both. Unblocked is better!

In the course of my life, I have met so many people who wander through life, doing what they need to do in order to survive, but feel lack-luster about their prospects, yet have no idea who they could really be or what they could really do. They have a vague sense that something is missing, but would not be able to articulate the cause of the problem if you askedcreative source them to.

The benefit of The Artist’s Way, as developed by Julia Cameron in her book, is that it outlines very specific causes for creative blockages and strategies for removing them.

I read The Artist’s Way when it was first published 20 years ago, but I didn’t follow the strategies in her book. I wasn’t even conscious enough at that time to understand creative blockage. Fortunately I was still able to produce a significant amount of creative work, but did not have the courage to call myself an “artist” or a “writer.”

Later in life, when I had enough consciousness to be able to see that I had blockages, I took a formal course in The Artist’s Way in which I met with a group of people for 12 weeks and did the reading, discussed the concepts in a group setting, completed her suggested tasks, and experienced incredible synchronicities, all of which led to unblocking a great deal of my creative potential.

Eventually that led me to teaching The Artist’s Way program myself.

I look forward to inviting you into this program, and bringing a group of people together who know they have so much more potential within them than they have thus far been capable of expressing. Together we can set an intention to unblock our creativity and then we can watch the magic happen!

art-fractal-fractalsI hope you will be one of those people who will be part of this incredible experience.

Please join us by enrolling in this 12-Week Web-Based Program. With 12 weeks of content available online, you have the flexibility to move through it at your own pace from the comfort of your own home. All meetings will be online through online conferencing that can be accessed through phone or internet, and then a capstone at the end when we come together in person for a potluck celebration to “show and tell” our experiences and the fruits of our creative work.

This 12-week program, including daily motivational videos, is only $120. To enroll, click on the paypal button below.

For questions, please contact Evon Davis at Admin @ EvonDavis.com (no spaces)

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