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Write Yourself a Check


My friend Chris suggested this. He’s really big into Treasuring Mapping. I am too. I recently created a career treasure map. The way you do treasure mapping is that you paste pictures and words that have meaning for you onto a display board. It has an effect on the subconscious which leads to shifts in thinking and behavior. I did one recently and I can already see some shifts occurring. Many of my past treasure maps have been fulfilled.

One of his methods is to write himself a blank check. He did this a few years ago. Wrote a check for $250,000. He wanted to be self-employed and had quit his job, but had no income. Within six months, he had a job as a project manager of a dam-building project in Brazil that paid him $250,000.

Another story was Jack Canfield, who created the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Before he did that he was broke and unemployed. He wrote himself a blank check for $100,000 and put it where he would see it every day. Within a few months he was on the track to write the first Chicken Soup book.

Another is the story of Jim Carrey who was a broke, unemployed actor who wrote himself a blank check for $10 million and put it in his wallet. Within a few years he had made $10 million for his role in a film.

I’m going to give it a try. Here’s the link in case you’d like to try it too:

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