Creating a lifefrontcoverPOMmedium you love takes time and energy. I have found that being in alignment with my heart and being compassionate toward myself has been absolutely essential to the process. The combination of Non-violent Communication and the Law of Attraction creates a super-powered energy that can go straight toward creating what you want in your life.

If you’re committed to working with a variety of transformational modalities and techniques, this class is an excellent introduction. I have built a career in life transformation that spans over a decade of teaching, writing, and coaching my students and clients. It all started with my book The Power of Manifestation, published in January 2006. The subjects of manifestation, life transformation, shadow work, empowerment, and spiritual evolution continue to engage me, and I hope that the knowledge and personal experiences I share with you will lead to a deeper relationship with your own authentic and empowered self.

I look forward to inviting you into this program, and bringing a group of people together who know they have so much more potential within them than they have thus far been capable of expressing. Together we can set an intention to unblock our creativity and then we can watch the magic happen!  Nonviolent Communication

art-fractal-fractalsI hope you will be one of those people who will be part of this incredible experience.

Please join us by enrolling in this 12-Week Web-Based Program. With 12 weeks of content available online, you have the flexibility to move through it at your own pace from the comfort of your own home. All meetings will be online through online conferencing that can be accessed through phone or internet, and then a capstone at the end when we come together in person for a potluck celebration to “show and tell” our experiences and the fruits of our creative work.

This 12-week program, including daily motivational videos, is only $120. To enroll, click on the paypal button below.

For questions, please contact Evon Davis at Admin @ (no spaces)

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