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Discipline is a form of Intelligence

Discipline comes from the energy of the third chakra.  It has been shown statistically that those people who are capable of delaying gratification tend to show the most intelligence and score highest on intelligence tests.  Recently in class, Advance Novel Writing at Lighthouse, a discussion came up about ballet dancers and how incredibly intelligent they […]

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The Longest Battle

Ask yourself:  what is your longest battle, the thing you’ve been fighting against for what feels like forever?  Everyone has something, whether it’s battling your weight, smoking, drinking, can’t hold down a job, can’t maintain a long-term committed relationship, can’t make enough money to live comfortably, can’t change those old habitual patterns of thoughts, feelings, […]

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An Open Letter to the Sacred Warrior in You

Dear Warrior, Believe it or not, everything you need is within you or available to you.  There may be times in life when you feel powerless to change something that you desperately want to change.  But what I’ve discovered is that anything you are deeply and fully committed to changing, you can change. How do […]