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How to Use Astrology & Manifestation for Success!

HOW TO USE ASTROLOGY & MANIFESTATION FOR SUCCESS!Be one of the first 100 people to sign up and you will receive the e-book version of my book The Power of Manifestation along with all 24 videos in this 12-week online workshop for only $150. Sign up now before those first 100 seats sell out! Isn’t […]

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Moods May Swing, yet a Warrior Remains Steady

Jupiter is moving into conjunction with my Sun. I’d been feeling the powerful force of Jupiter’s cosmic gamma ray energy shining upon me, giving me an extra boost of confidence and adding a more gregarious expansiveness and extroversion to my personality, which I don’t normally have. I tend to be introspective and introverted, which is […]

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Denver Tarot Astrology

To celebrate the launch of my new business, Denver Tarot Astrology, and my new website I am offering 1-hour tarot-astrology readings at the super-affordable rate of $25.  And if you sign up by the Full Moon on March 5th, you can buy up to 4 readings at that low rate of $25 each.  Find […]


Venus Return

A Venus return chart is similar to a solar return chart in that it happens once a year when Venus returns to the same place it was at on your birthday.  This doesn’t always happen on the same day your were born.  Unlike the sun, Venus does not have a regular yearly path, so can […]


Solar Return

This is a very special solar return year for me.  For those of you who are not familiar with the jargon, “solar return” means your birthday, the day that the sun returns to the exact place of your natal chart. In a solar return chart, we can start by looking at the ascendent in the […]

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What Attracts Us to Other People?

If I were to sum up everything I’ve ever read or heard from others about what is the most attractive quality we see in another person, the most common answer is “confidence.”  And one of the least attractive qualities is “neediness.”  So how does a person overcome neediness and develop confidence? Well, there are many […]


Princess of Pentacles

Abundance and Creativity The Princess of Pentacles is very earthy.  She thinks about the material, physical, and sensual things in life.  She understands that these needs must be met in order to have a foundation for the higher needs on Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  Not only that, but she is naturally inclined toward concern […]