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How to Use Astrology & Manifestation for Success!

HOW TO USE ASTROLOGY & MANIFESTATION FOR SUCCESS!Be one of the first 100 people to sign up and you will receive the e-book version of my book The Power of Manifestation along with all 24 videos in this 12-week online workshop for only $150. Sign up now before those first 100 seats sell out! Isn’t […]


Are We Living in a Simulation?

In my latest novel, the entire human species is living in a virtual reality. As it turns out, I think we already do. Check out these You Tube videos of Neil DeGrasse Tyson interviewing physicist James Gates.  Here’s another: 3 Reasons Why We Are Living in a Simulation Buckminster Fuller said that “Reality is inexhaustible.” […]

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Integrating the Elements of Fire & Ice

This blog post is a companion to my video about Saturn in Capricorn, which occurs tonight at 9:49pm Mountain Time. I’ve been looking forward to this moment for a long time. In some sense I’ve been looking forward to it for about 30 years since the last time Saturn was in Capricorn. Its total transit […]

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The Language of Arrival

I could spend an entire year, I thought, just analyzing this film, and it would be time well-spent. On the screen appeared the glass barrier separating the extraterrestrials from the humans. This clear wall contained a smoky atmosphere which obscured the “heptopods” (the name the humans had given to the extraterrestrials). On the surface of […]

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True Glamour

What is true glamour? The word “glamour” is defined as, “the attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem appealing or special,” “beauty or charm that is sexually attractive,” and most importantly, “enchantment and magic.” Often when we hear the word, we think of a shiny, sparkly surface; we think of things […]


My Summer Book Reading List

Anyone who knows me or follows my blog knows that I love the writings of Carlos Castaneda.  If you want to read Castaneda’s books, I recommend skipping the first one (The Teachings of Don Juan) and going straight to A Separate Reality, Journey to Ixtlan, or The Power of Silence. It takes years to really […]

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Yoga Studio Venues

Yoga Studio Venues: Bhakti Yoga Shala, Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga, Hot 8 Yoga, Hot 8 Yoga, MA Yoga Beverly Hills, Chi Universe, YogaWorks Santa Monica Montana, Santa Monica Yoga, YogaGlo free yoga studio, Naam Yoga LA, YogaWorks Santa Monica Main, Santa Monica Yoga, 1640 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405,, (310) 396-4040, Open […]

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Embrace Losing to Empower Yourself

This probably sounds like a contradiction.  How can you embrace losing to empower yourself? Well, I certainly never would have considered such an idea until I listened to an audio program called “Being in Love,” some lectures by Alan Lowen that my friend Chris gave me. First of all, Lowen says that “being in love” […]

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A Warrior is Like Flowing Water

A warrior is like flowing water:  free, fluid, flexible, and formless.  These are the qualities of Spirit.  And to befriend Spirit, we must move in the world like Spirit, like flowing water. When we are rigid, controlling, grasping, there is no room for Spirit.  This is why don Juan counseled Castaneda to live the fluid […]