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Stalking Yourself & Hunting Power

Don Juan Matus taught us that a warrior holds all possibilities in her mind and then chooses to believe and acts on that belief. We are doing that all the time whether we are conscious of it or not. Fortunately there are ways to become more aware of our core limiting beliefs and the stories […]

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Exploring The Fundamentals Of NVC Awareness and Creating A Path To Love And Fulfillment When we transform the way we communicate, we transform our world: Create empowering compassionate relationships with yourself and others. Communicate clearly, effectively, and authentically. Transform adversaries into allies. Find out more about the trainers. 5 Wednesday beginning Feb. 7th, 6:30 to […]

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Living Compassion

Sometimes when the insanity takes over, we forget that we have choices, and one of the most important choices we have is to live from fear or live from love, living compassion.  We can make that choice at any moment.  We can embody Living Compassion. One of the choices I’ve made in my life is […]

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Compassionate Communication (NVC)

Before I was exposed to Compassionate Communication (through a five-week fundamentals workshop, reading the text assigned as homework, Non-Violent Communication: A Language of Life by Marshall Rosenberg, and a weekly practice group that I’ve been attending for two years), I didn’t even realize how judgmental my thoughts and speech were.  I didn’t even realize I […]

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What Attracts Us to Other People?

If I were to sum up everything I’ve ever read or heard from others about what is the most attractive quality we see in another person, the most common answer is “confidence.”  And one of the least attractive qualities is “neediness.”  So how does a person overcome neediness and develop confidence? Well, there are many […]