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The Unbending Intent of a Warrior

There is an apparent contradiction in don Juan’s teachings regarding the warrior’s life; but it really is not a contradiction, only a paradox.  He tells Castaneda that a warrior is fluid, flexible, and unpredictable.  A warrior has no routines.  In fact, the warrior intentionally disrupts any routines that happen to form.  On the other hand, […]

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My mission is to help every person become more self-empowered I a way that is deep and grounded, centered in oneself and not dependent on anything external. I am particularly interested in the archetypal energy of the warrior-goddess. Although this energy is primarily incarnated in women, it is also important for men to learn how […]

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Unbending Intent Leads to Freedom

“Two basic qualities of warriors: sustained effort and unbending intent.” (page 194, The Fire From Within by Carlos Castaneda) My intent is to study the works of Carlos Castaneda and live the principles to the best of my ability. The goal of the warrior is freedom. Although that word “freedom” seems a bit vague. What […]

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How to Be a Warrior Goddess

Lesson #2: A warrior goddess chooses to believe. One of the most difficult spiritual lessons to learn is about “choosing to believe.” In Tales of Power, don Juan taught Carlos Castaneda that a warrior chooses to believe. According to this teaching, a warrior goddess is capable of holding all possibilities in her mind at once, […]

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Visualize Your Dreams Come True

Focusing and setting intentions are essential to goal achievement, and one way to do this is to create a visual representation of your goal or a “treasure map.” In this fun, playful workshop, create a display board with lots of colorful images that can help you see very clearly your life’s vision. First, envision your […]

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Living Compassion

Sometimes when the insanity takes over, we forget that we have choices, and one of the most important choices we have is to live from fear or live from love, living compassion.  We can make that choice at any moment.  We can embody Living Compassion. One of the choices I’ve made in my life is […]