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As I count down the days until I leave Denver to move to L.A. (2 days), I find myself in a spiritual practice of letting go and trusting abundance. Through this process I’ve become more aware of my relationship to material things and my physical environment. Each thing matters more because I have to make […]

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Sometimes feelings of fear come up when I think about moving to L.A., but there’s also a part of me that knows it’s not really a choice. I cannot bear to spend another winter in Denver. I cannot withstand the boredom of just surviving. I need adventure, excitement, and novelty in my life. Moving to L.A. […]

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Self-Empowering Communication

Do you ever wonder why your life isn’t as fulfilling and life-affirming as you would like? What happens for most people — because it’s what we’ve all learned to do — is to automatically blame someone or something around us. Or sometimes we blame ourselves. Many, if not most, of us are operating out of […]

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My mission is to help every person become more self-empowered I a way that is deep and grounded, centered in oneself and not dependent on anything external. I am particularly interested in the archetypal energy of the warrior-goddess. Although this energy is primarily incarnated in women, it is also important for men to learn how […]

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Believe in Yourself

As I stand on the beach in Malibu and think about what I’m thankful for this year, I’ve settled on one thing that seems to have made the difference in my life over and over again. I’m thankful that I believe in myself. This quality is partially who I am and partially a result of the family […]

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Malibu or Bust!

Well, our West Coast Junket is on its way to Leo Carrillo State Park in Malibu, California.  We’ll also spend time in Santa Monica, which is 40 minutes from the campsite. It’s got a nice beach and Ocean Front Walk.  I’ve posted links to it on my website, but it’s still a city, so we […]

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Retreat Centers

Retreat Centers Aldersgate Retreat and Buerge Chapel, 925 Haverford Ave, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272,, (310) 454-6699.  This retreat center is 4 minutes from the Self Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine. Serra Retreat, 3401 Serra Rd, Malibu, CA 90265,, (310) 456-6631, Open now:  9AM–4:30PM This retreat center is 24 minutes from the campground. Shalom Institute Camp & Conference, 34342 Mulholland […]

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Yoga Studio Venues

Yoga Studio Venues: Bhakti Yoga Shala, Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga, Hot 8 Yoga, Hot 8 Yoga, MA Yoga Beverly Hills, Chi Universe, YogaWorks Santa Monica Montana, Santa Monica Yoga, YogaGlo free yoga studio, Naam Yoga LA, YogaWorks Santa Monica Main, Santa Monica Yoga, 1640 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405,, (310) 396-4040, Open […]

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Road Warrior

“A warrior-hunter deals intimately with her world, and yet she is inaccessible to that same  world.  She taps it lightly, stays for as long as she needs to, and then swiftly moves away, leaving hardly a mark.” — don Juan Matus from Journey to Ixtlan by Carlos Castaneda. It’s nearly time for Cat Black, my […]