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The Artist’s Way, Week 2: Goals Set & Met

WEEK 2: GOALS SET & MET 1) Led the hour-long conference call for The Artist’s Way. 2) In The Artist’s Way, read “Week Two: Recovering a Sense of Identity.” 3) Watched all 7 videos for Week 2. 4) Wrote my morning pages every day. 5) Did my Artist’s Date – hiking, camping, and journaling at […]

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What did I accomplish in the past 10 years? 2006 to 2016:

published The Power of Manifestation (2006) published The Bohemian Life in 2007 designed and taught The Power of Manifestation workshop (first time at Fox Street House) started teaching at CFU in October 2006 met David Steele in October 2006 wrote and published The Manifestation Workbook read all of Carlos Castaneda’s books in 2007 spent a […]

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Journaling Can Be One Of The Best Things You Do In 2018

Journaling is so beneficial because it helps us track things that we are not normally aware of. So, if you ask yourself what drew you to the study of compassionate communication, at the core, it is a desire to expand your consciousness around the way you communicate, not just with other people, but also with […]

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Stalking Yourself & Hunting Power

Don Juan Matus taught us that a warrior holds all possibilities in her mind and then chooses to believe and acts on that belief. We are doing that all the time whether we are conscious of it or not. Fortunately there are ways to become more aware of our core limiting beliefs and the stories […]

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Integrating the Elements of Fire & Ice

This blog post is a companion to my video about Saturn in Capricorn, which occurs tonight at 9:49pm Mountain Time. I’ve been looking forward to this moment for a long time. In some sense I’ve been looking forward to it for about 30 years since the last time Saturn was in Capricorn. Its total transit […]

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Overcoming Writers Block

Continuing the series on overcoming writers block, here is the next tip: Tip #2) Keep a journal with you at all times The first two problems in overcoming writers block consist of:  1) coming up with compelling ideas to write about, and 2) actually writing about them.  Sometimes the hardest challenge of all is just […]

Creativity Writing Process

Overcoming Writers Block

The focus of this series of tips is primarily directed toward helping novelists and memoirists with overcoming writers block, but some of the ideas can be used for non-fiction and any other form of writing as well.  As someone who spends a large portion of my time writing (as a blogger and novelist) I have […]