The Power of Authenticity


The Power of Authenticity is a 12-Week Program based on NVC principles that focuses on authenticity in relationship with oneself and in relationship to others. This course adds in Evon’s own experience with other consciousness-expanding technologies which she has developed as a Life Transformation Coach and Accredited Facilitator with Rocky Mountain Compassionate Communication Network, and the benefit of a group of people who will learn and grow together, sharing their experiences as they move through the program.


A person’s authenticity can be measured by the passion and commitment they have for what they say and do. Part of being authentic is speaking the truth as you experience it, even if it is not what others want to hear.

BY THEMSELVES, commitment and passion are not enough. Authenticity is more than when someone believes in what they say or acts in a way that is consistent with their beliefs.

In_the_Magic_Flow_largeAuthenticity includes:

  1. Having realistic perceptions of reality.
  2. Accepting of oneself and of other people.
  3. Being thoughtful.
  4. Having a non-hostile sense of humor.
  5. Ability to express emotions freely and clearly.
  6. Openness to learning from one’s mistakes.
  7. Understanding one’s own motivations.

This is what is means to be true to oneself.

Nonviolent CommunicationAnd conversely, inauthenticity includes:

  1. Self-deception and unrealistic perceptions of reality.
  2. Looking to others for approval and to feel valued.
  3. Being judgemental of other people.
  4. Not thinking things through clearly.
  5. Having a hostile sense of humor.
  6. Inability to express emotions freely and clearly.
  7. Closed to learning from one’s mistakes.
  8. Misunderstanding one’s motivations.

Please join us by enrolling in this 12-Week Web-Based Program. With 12 weeks of content available online, you have the flexibility to move through it at your own pace from the comfort of your own home. All meetings will be online through online conferencing that can be accessed through phone or internet.

This 12-week program, including daily motivational videos, is only $120. To enroll, click on the paypal button below.

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