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The Artist’s Way, Week 2: Goals Set & Met

WEEK 2: GOALS SET & MET 1) Led the hour-long conference call for The Artist’s Way. 2) In The Artist’s Way, read “Week Two: Recovering a Sense of Identity.” 3) Watched all 7 videos for Week 2. 4) Wrote my morning pages every day. 5) Did my Artist’s Date – hiking, camping, and journaling at […]

Creativity Manifestation

What did I accomplish in the past 10 years? 2006 to 2016:

published The Power of Manifestation (2006) published The Bohemian Life in 2007 designed and taught The Power of Manifestation workshop (first time at Fox Street House) started teaching at CFU in October 2006 met David Steele in October 2006 wrote and published The Manifestation Workbook read all of Carlos Castaneda’s books in 2007 spent a […]