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True Glamour


What is true glamour?

The word “glamour” is defined as, “the attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem appealing or special,” “beauty or charm that is sexually attractive,” and most importantly, “enchantment and magic.”

Often when we hear the word, we think of a shiny, sparkly surface; we think of things that are flashy. Sometimes it may even seem a bit shallow, like the proverbial flash in the pan. We think of money, wealth, beauty, fashion, fancy cars. All of these things may be accurate associations, but true glamour is not shallow. It is an incredibly powerful form of magic. We can become enchanted by the glamour magic. Some may see this as a negative, but often these are people who are afraid of falling under a spell, for they fear they may lose themselves.

But I am speaking of it as a form of power and spiritual presence, like in the tantric tradition. There are spiritual practices that embrace our physicality and see it as a path toward consciousness evolution. In fact, the word tantra means “tool for consciousness expansion.”

I am embracing this definition of the word “glamour.” I’ve always been a strong believer in encompassing the full scope of human existence as the path to consciousness expansion, so I don’t reject my physicality; I embrace it.

My desire for a more glamorous life wasn’t for the purpose of escaping reality, but in order to fully embodying it and learn whatever it had to teach me. I discovered that there was a direct relationship between enjoying life, every bit of it, and the amount of love and joy I was capable of feeling.

Ironically at times in my life when I was the most ascetic, I was also the least happy, suffering from depression and self-loathing. I found it difficult to be present and loving with other people because I was so deeply unhappy and felt empty inside.

As I worked to heal my depression and learn to love myself more, an amazing thing began to happen. I started walking away from abusive relationships. I began to treat myself in a more loving way. I allowed myself to enjoy life instead of denying myself the pleasure that I wanted. Over time, it snowballed. The more love I felt toward myself, the more pleasurable things I allowed into my life, and the happier I felt. The happier I felt, the more I was able to love myself and others, and the more I opened myself up to all the wonderful things that life had to offer.

I no longer felt a need to keep myself small, denying myself, and smothering my own bright light. For me, creating more magic and glamour in my life wasn’t about becoming something I’m not. It was about letting my own light shine brighter. It was about embracing everything, becoming more fully present, enjoying all the small pleasures in life, and allowing myself to have a bigger, fuller life.

It seems strange to me now when I think about the way I used to view things. I felt shame and guilt if I dressed up and wore makeup because I might be too beautiful. I might attract too much attention. I felt the same way about being successful in my career and wealthy. A feeling of guilt kept blocking me from being able to fully enjoy my work (which I loved!) and be paid well. So I always managed to manipulate situations to keep my scraping and struggling. Finally, I said, “No more.” I am ready to enjoy every wonderful thing that life has to offer.

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