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Your Sacred Calling

1-the-burning-bush-david-lee-thompsonFor most of us, our sacred calling doesn’t come in the form of a burning bush.  It may come as a subtle (or not so subtle) feeling of desire.  When I use the word “sacred,” it doesn’t necessarily mean a religious or spiritual calling.  Some people are called to raise a family.  Some people have a secular calling.  Some have a calling to lead.  Yet every calling is still sacred.

I chose the image for this post because I can see both a burning bush and an image of the brain.  We all receive a calling, one way or another.  The question is:  Are you listening?  If so, what do you hear?

I’ve come to see my own calling as very spiritual.  In fact, I have two callings that have blended into one.  The first was to be a storyteller.  I love to write and teach creative writing.  But I’ve also had a calling to create a better world.  Initially I thought I would do that through working in politics or foreign affairs, but later found I worked better one-on-one, helping individuals create better lives for themselves.  I believe that every time one human being moves toward self-actualization, the whole world is a better place.

I want you to hear your sacred calling.  Listen to that voice inside that tells you what you really want.  Not what the world tells you to want, but what you really want.  This is probably the most difficult part of hearing your sacred calling.  That still, small voice gets drowned out by all the voices around us, starting with our parents, and then the world in general.  We are bombarded with messages about what we should do, be, want, and have.  Most of these messages are based on what other people want, not necessarily what we want.

We are taught to behave and be good people-pleasers.  We are taught to be good workers, good slaves, good consumers.  It keeps us in our place.  It’s good for the economy.  But is it good for our souls?

Sometimes our wounds can become our gifts.  In my own case, I experienced trauma as a child which led to depression as an adult.  This became a gift because whenever I found myself in situations that were not in alignment with my True Calling, I became so depressed that I had to stop.  I had to say no.  Not following my heart was leading me down a path toward Death.

So I admit it, I’m not a good little consumer and I’m a lousy slave. And that pisses some people off.  But I’m okay with that.  I’m not sure what my role is in the capitalist economy and I’m not sure that it matters.

I’m guided by Spirit.  I’m guided by Inspiration.

Don Juan once said to Castaneda, “All that matters is your link to Spirit.  You haven’t got it.  Worry about that.”

At some point in my adult life, I began to repeat a mantra, both internally and out loud, “All my needs are met easily and effortlessly.”  I focused my attention and intention on this truth.  It became my reality.  Now that my needs are met easily and effortlessly (and I realize they have been all my life), I’m ready to focus on my wants.

Focusing on my wants is like a tricky new game.  Not because I don’t know what I want.  I’m lucky to be in good rapport with that still, small voice that tells me what I want.  But it’s a new phase in the game.  I’ve moved up to the next level of playing.  It requires raising my tolerance for bliss.

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