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Hunting Power

Warrior-Goddess Hunting PowerThe ultimate goals of a warrior are freedom and personal power.  As we begin to let go of the “story,” no more held captive by it, there can be a period of apathy.  Why would you want to free yourself from the story and move into apathy?  When you’re held captive to the story, you’re a prisoner of it.  That story was not consciously chosen by you.  I know people who will forever be poor, miserable, and struggling because they can’t free themselves from the story.  So, yes you’ll have to move into a period of apathy, but there is something on the other side of that.

What’s on the other side?  Consciously choosing how to live your life. 

This is what don Juan called “Controlled folly.”  In the beginning of this new stage, you may have to just choose something to do as your “controlled folly.”  This is where the idea of “hunting power” comes in.  

When I found myself in the apathetic stage, I just had to choose things to do and it wasn’t about my attachment to a story anymore, so I would get up and do those things as a discipline in hunting power. 

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