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Fiery Mars Warrior Energy

warrior-goddessAlso known as free-floating irritability.

Actually, the energy itself can be really powerful for taking action and getting things done… if properly focused and directed.  What we usually do is just direct that energy at whatever object or poor soul happens to be in our pathway at the wrong time.  We think there is some cause for this fiery energy, something has actually trigger our ire, the hackles rise, claws extend, fangs protrude, and we are salivating to rip into anything that gets in our way, building a story of injustice or unfairness or just plain stupidity.

Who knows what the real cause is… probably nothing… but we will find a reason none-the-less.  Perhaps the person who isn’t driving exactly the way we prefer, or a friend fails to live up to our expectations, or we’re just plain not getting what we want in life and it must be somebody’s fault!  Maybe it’s the government, the economy, the gods, or the next door neighbor, but surely someone or something is at fault!

What our warrior training teaches us is to let go of the story, let go of the blame.  Just let yourself feel the energy, the pure, raw, fiery energy of Mars, the god of war.  Once you can just let that energy flow through you without story or blame, you can begin to focus and direct it in order to take your chosen action.  This is called “controlled folly.”

Everything humans do is folly (really, it is).  We like to make everything a matter or life and death and take things personally, but there is very little in life that needs to be taken seriously or personally.  It’s all folly.  So choose your battles wisely.  When you choose them the way a warrior does, it becomes controlled folly.

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