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The Rules of the Game

Rules of the gameWhen I was a child, I remember playing games like “Cowboys & Indians” or “Cops & Robbers.”  Of course, being a little girl, I preferred to play house or play store.  I think back on that natural sense of playfulness and creativity.  I wonder why it is that we so quickly shift from that spontaneous, natural playfulness into an attitude of seriousness about life.  When we get “serious” we shut out the playful child.  We start to think that this dream is reality.  Our lives are given over to the energy of fear.

We fear that if we don’t take it all seriously, our needs won’t be met.  It’s a tricky illusion.  When we believe it’s real, it is real.

At some point, I had to say no.  I just couldn’t take it all seriously anymore.  It was killing me, killing my spirit, killing my soul, killing the nourishing life force within me.  That life force needed the freedom of a child’s playful mind.  It took years to fully make the transition.  I had to keep saying no to anything fearful or serious and say yes to love and life.  Yes to playfulness.  Yes to the child’s beginner’s mind.

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