Michelle in Red DressMy mission is to help every person become more self-empowered I a way that is deep and grounded, centered in oneself and not dependent on anything external. I am particularly interested in the archetypal energy of the warrior-goddess. Although this energy is primarily incarnated in women, it is also important for men to learn how to interact with this kind of powerful energy that brings out his own strengths.

In a year where we may very well see the first female president of the United States, it is time for all women to embrace their full power and embody it, allowing it to guide our lives, choices, and relationships.

I know from personal experience that it is possible to move out of pain, trauma woundedness, addiction, co-dependence, depression, and a dis-empowered state into the present-moment joy, creativity and resourcefulness of being radically self-empowered.

I spent years battling depression, alcoholism, causing chaos in my relationships, and courting financial disaster because I didn