Warrior Training

The Black Widow

For all those fans who have been clamoring for a solo Black Widow movie, momentous news: Marvel boss Kevin Feige told Deadline that of all the characters who so far have only been guest stars in the Marvel Cinematic Universe—Black Widow, Hawkeye, Falcon, War Machine, etc.—he and Marvel are “most committing,” “creatively and emotionally,” to […]


My Summer Book Reading List

Anyone who knows me or follows my blog knows that I love the writings of Carlos Castaneda.  If you want to read Castaneda’s books, I recommend skipping the first one (The Teachings of Don Juan) and going straight to A Separate Reality, Journey to Ixtlan, or The Power of Silence. It takes years to really […]

Follow Your Bliss Life Lessons

Believe in Yourself

As I stand on the beach in Malibu and think about what I’m thankful for this year, I’ve settled on one thing that seems to have made the difference in my life over and over again. I’m thankful that I believe in myself. This quality is partially who I am and partially a result of the family […]