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A Typical Day

A Typical Day“The basic difference between an ordinary woman and a warrior is that a warrior takes everything as a challenge, while an ordinary woman takes everything as a blessing or a curse.”

~ don Juan Matus from Tales of Power by Carlos Castaneda.

My task now is to visualize and chronicle a typical day in the life of this warrior-goddess, myself.

1) The first thing that happens is that I wake up… wherever I happen to be (backcountry camping, hosteling, car camping, staying with a friend or a boyfriend).

2) The second thing that happens is that I need to get coffee.  Starbucks is always a good option for my morning coffee.  Plus I could get on the internet and start my daily hunt.  From the HI Los Angeles Santa Monica youth hostel, there are two Starbucks, almost equidistance from the hostel.  Get online and start hunting:


Go on auditions , Auditioning

Sign up with temp agencies:  Robert Half Legal, Agency Legal Staffing LLC, ZipRecruiter

Co-working space, Santa Monica Coworking, The Satellite Santa Monica

Visit all of these Metaphysical Bookstores as a tarot-astrology reader.  These could also provide potential venues for my NVC Abundance Workshops, especially Thunderbolt Spiritual Books.

Query literary agents: Verve,

Apply for credit cards and credit line increases.

Donate Blood

After I do my hunting for the day, it’s all slush.

Apartment hunting



Pick up lunch at Whole Foods Market

Picnic in the ParkLa Cienega Park,

Ocean Front Walk

Find more venues to schedule workshops and retreats

Victoria’s Secret & PINK

Barnes & Noble

Go hiking in the mountains

Hang out on campus

Join Meetups on

Browse the Farmer’s Markets

Vons Grocery Stores

Creative Writing Classes

Start my Hollywood Writers Workshop, similar to Writers Workshop LA

Santa Monica College

Go to the library, Margaret Herrick Library,

See a movie

Blog about my new adventures and send out Mail Chimps.