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Embrace Losing to Empower Yourself

EmpowermentThis probably sounds like a contradiction.  How can you embrace losing to empower yourself?

Well, I certainly never would have considered such an idea until I listened to an audio program called “Being in Love,” some lectures by Alan Lowen that my friend Chris gave me.

First of all, Lowen says that “being in love” has nothing to do with another person.  It’s a state of being that can be lived in any moment.

And don Juan Matus teaches Castaneda that a warrior is humble and has nothing to defend.

For some reason we tend to associate the idea of a warrior as the opposite — always defending something, always fighting for something, always trying to win the battle.

Why would you choose to embrace losing to empower yourself?

The key is in understanding what it means to be truly free.  Someone isn’t free because they have fought and won.  Someone is free because they don’t have to fight at all.  They don’t even have to win.

That is true freedom and true power.  It takes more courage to receive the sword than it does to wield the sword.

I’ve been studying don Juan’s teachings for years and knew that the warrior is humble and undefended, just like Jesus, and the Buddha.  But it never occurred to me to actually welcome and embrace losing.

As a warrior, I do what a warrior does; I hunt and store power, personal power.  Personal power has nothing to do with controlling other people.  It is not controlling, demanding, or manipulative.  It doesn’t try to have power over others, nor does it give up power to others.

But when we embrace losing to empower ourselves, it’s not about giving up power to others, or disempowering the Self.  It’s not about submission, rather it’s about recognizing that nothing on this Earth matters more than Spirit.  If we think we must defend something (and usually it’s tied to our ego in some way), we are not truly free.  This world of illusion has imprisoned us.