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Embrace Losing to Empower Yourself

This probably sounds like a contradiction.  How can you embrace losing to empower yourself? Well, I certainly never would have considered such an idea until I listened to an audio program called “Being in Love,” some lectures by Alan Lowen that my friend Chris gave me. First of all, Lowen says that “being in love” […]

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A Warrior is Like Flowing Water

A warrior is like flowing water:  free, fluid, flexible, and formless.  These are the qualities of Spirit.  And to befriend Spirit, we must move in the world like Spirit, like flowing water. When we are rigid, controlling, grasping, there is no room for Spirit.  This is why don Juan counseled Castaneda to live the fluid […]

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Plotting a Novel

Plotting a Novel, Memoir, or Screenplay: The Structure That Holds It All Together Mythic structure can be found in almost every myth worldwide from ancient times to modern-day blockbusters, like Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Avatar. This structure creates compelling stories and provides organization, giving you an essential tool for plotting a novel, memoir, or […]

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Memoir Writing

Your Life in Print: Memoirs, Personal Essays, and Autobiographical Fiction You have a story to tell and probably at least one book in you. Memoir writing is a valuable tool for understanding the meaning of your life, processing your experiences, and learning all that can be learned from them. It’s a way of turning profound […]

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Denver Tarot Astrology

To celebrate the launch of my new business, Denver Tarot Astrology, and my new website I am offering 1-hour tarot-astrology readings at the super-affordable rate of $25.  And if you sign up by the Full Moon on March 5th, you can buy up to 4 readings at that low rate of $25 each.  Find […]