Uranus Square Pluto

Uranus Square PlutoURANUS SQUARE PLUTO is an alignment of two potent planets.  Uranus is all about liberation and freedom.  Pluto is all about power.  When these two planets move into a 90-degree angle called a square in astrology, we will feel the pressure of both of these needs, the need for independence and the need for empowerment.  If you are in a situation in which these needs are not being met, Uranus square Pluto will put on the pressure until you feel like you are about to explode!

On the macro level, Uranus is all about revolution and Pluto is all about established power.  Many people would say that the Ferguson and New York situations are the manifestation of the Uranus square Pluto pressure.

But you may feel Uranus square Pluto in your own personal life as well.  Are there places in your life where you long for more power?  More freedom and independence?  This alignment, Uranus square Pluto, is pressurizing you to do something about it.  Embrace that feeling of intensity and pressure.  It is there to help you.  It is there to motivate you.

One way to use this energy productively is to call on an archetype to guide you.  For example, I call on the warrior-goddess archetype, especially a fiery warrior-goddess like Caliope.  The energy of Uranus square Pluto building up in my life feels like a fiery force, ready to blaze a new path to success in my life.  I want to fully embrace that feeling of intensity and fire.

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