Venus Return

venus-topographyA Venus return chart is similar to a solar return chart in that it happens once a year when Venus returns to the same place it was at on your birthday.  This doesn’t always happen on the same day your were born.  Unlike the sun, Venus does not have a regular yearly path, so can arrive at the place of your birth on different days, but usually within two months of your birthday.  This chart offers a yearly prediction of the aspects of your life ruled by Venus, such as love, material wealth, and anything you are passionate about.

It is fairly easy to see at first glance at the chart what the predominant mood and issues of the year will be.  Using my own Venus return chart as an example, I knew immediately as soon as I looked at the chart that it would be about my career.

Saturn was on the ascendant angle, which told me immediately that career and discipline would be foremost on my mind this year.  Saturn is just moving into Sagittarius, which is my solar first house, giving me the serious, focused, disciplined attitude that will predominate the year.

Along with a predominant Saturn, there is a stellium in my second house of personal assets, earned income and self-worth, including the Sun, Pluto, Mercury, and Venus.  These planets are pushing me to empower myself by fulfilling my true calling in life.

In the relationship houses, Mars is making an exact trine to the Moon in air signs, helping me to be an outgoing and charismatic communication, expressing my feelings in words, actions, and relationships.

In a Venus return chart, we always want to see how Venus is aspecting other planets in the chart.  She is conjoining Mercury, trining, the Mid-Heaven, and sextiling Saturn, more evidence of a successful career year.  Most likely because of the planets and signs involved, especially Jupiter in my 9th house, my career will continue to progress in areas of higher education (my workshops), publication, communication (accreditation as a facilitator in compassionate communication, and consciousness expansion.

If you would like a Venus return chart for predictions on love and money in your own life, contact Evon Davis at 720-490-8339 or email Admin (at) EvonDavis.com

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