Uranus Square Pluto

URANUS SQUARE PLUTO is an alignment of two potent planets.  Uranus is all about liberation and freedom.  Pluto is all about power.  When these two planets move into a 90-degree angle called a square in astrology, we will feel the pressure of both of these needs, the need for independence and the need for empowerment.  […]


Venus Return

A Venus return chart is similar to a solar return chart in that it happens once a year when Venus returns to the same place it was at on your birthday.  This doesn’t always happen on the same day your were born.  Unlike the sun, Venus does not have a regular yearly path, so can […]


Solar Return

This is a very special solar return year for me.  For those of you who are not familiar with the jargon, “solar return” means your birthday, the day that the sun returns to the exact place of your natal chart. In a solar return chart, we can start by looking at the ascendent in the […]