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Living Compassion

lotusSometimes when the insanity takes over, we forget that we have choices, and one of the most important choices we have is to live from fear or live from love, living compassion.  We can make that choice at any moment.  We can embody Living Compassion.

One of the choices I’ve made in my life is not to watch the “news.”  But on Friday, a broken washing machine meant I needed to wash my clothes at a laundromat where there was a television blasting violence and enemy images into the room.  I would like to ask you, “Is it really news that Israel is trying to bomb Palestine into the stone age?”  As far back as I can remember, since I was a child in elementary school, at least three decades ago, they’ve been doing the same thing.  How is that news?  What’s new ab0ut it?  It’s not news.  It’s just violence, fear, and hatred.  It’s actually very old.  Not new.  Let’s at least be honest.

Explosions, fires burning, pe9ple screaming and crying, “a seven-year-old was among the dead.”  An Israel leader explained that their policy is to eradicate and obliterate their “enemy.”  What they don’t see is that the enemy is inside:  fear, hatred, insanity, evil.  Not only are they filled with these things, but now, thanks to the management, my local laundromat is filled with them too, and they are being absorbed into every brain in the room.  We walk out of there poisoned and infect others like a virus.

But there is a cure.  Living Compassion.

After I left the laundromat, I had the good fortune of heading to Sunrise Ranch for the Living Compassion Retreat

If you would like to learn more about it, please click on the links above, or search “Living Compassion, Robert Gonzales.”

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