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The Dark Knight

catwormanSome people are destined to go through the Dark Night of the Soul, but some take this journey as the Dark Knight.  The first time a person experiences it is usually around age 30.  I went through it just before my thirtieth birthday.

The experience takes one deep into the Underworld, across the Styx River, and into the Abyss.  But the Dark Knight makes it back.  And when you make it back as the Dark Knight, you will always be stronger.  You will have passed through an Initiation and you will be transformed.

The majority of us are unaware that our mind and spirit die all the time, constantly shedding old beliefs and acquiring new ones.  The Dark Knight of the Soul is about deep and profound transformation.

It is a transition to the next level of life.  Nothing is destroyed, because nothing can be destroyed – there can only be transformation.  Every change happens for a reason, and the Dark Knight takes a passage worth traversing, even as painful as it can be.

If big changes are happening in your life, it is certainly plausible that you are the reason for them.  It is not bad luck.  It is because you are the kind of person who’s psyche swims in deep rivers and you cannot ignore what is happening in your life.  But it helps to know of the great transformation that it brings.

In the Tarot of the Hermetic Tradition, almost all versions of the Death card show a symbol of resurrection or re-birth.  To progress in life, our old self must die, just as a snake sheds its old skin to reveal a shiny new one.  This is the message of the card: Death must be conquered by the regeneration of the soul (the psyche), and he who knows this shall return stronger and more integrated.

Our world is changing and we are dealing here with issues such as transformation in the realm of relationships, death, regeneration, karma, soul mates, and intimate sexual relationships.  This will also lead to transformation in the way we communicate, the way we relate to our siblings, and to people from foreign countries.

You may be going through profound changes.  And as one who has been through the Dark Knight of the Soul at least 3 times, I can tell you, it does get easier.  Once you get through it, you will never regret the way it has changed you.  This is the path of the Seeker, the path of the Warrior, and the path of the Dark Knight.  When you feel the pain and discomfort of this death, just remember, you’re training to be a warrior.

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