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CoWorkingIf you’re a self-employed creative or entrepreneur, or want to be one, you may like to consider a concept called CoWorking.  As far as I know, this is a fairly new concept, one that I was only introduced to last year.  I suspect it has something to do with our changing economy and technology.  In recent years with the flexibility that the internet, laptop computers, and cell phones give us, people began spending time at cafes as an early version of CoWorking.

CoWorking is a similar concept with a few differences.  These are people who would most likely be working in a home office, but want the benefits of getting out of the house and communing with other people in an office setting.

Having recently shed the office environment when I left my last job in April 2012 to become fully self-employed, it wouldn’t have occurred to me to willingly step back into that kind of environment, which I experienced as miserably stifling.  However, I did recognize problems with working alone at home.  First of all, it can get lonely.  Secondly, I found myself being too lax.  I could sleep in every day, which by itself wasn’t really a problem.  But then I’d get up and spend hours puttering and procrastinating.  I began to see the days passing and wondering where the hell my time was going.

In 2013, a friend and I began meeting three or more days a week in cafes to work together.  The accountability helped my productivity soar.  Also, it felt good just to be out amongst other people rather than feeling so isolated.

We stumbled upon CoWorking Week one day when he found a brochure at Bardo’s Cafe about it.  We met at the first location on Monday morning and I was hooked.  Each day we visited a different location.  It was so much fun I couldn’t believe it!

After that, I knew I needed to get more of that into my life.  So, once again I’m attending CoWorking Week in Denver.  Consider giving it a try.  It’s completely free all week.  Go to Denver CoWorks for more information.

Are you ready to begin your own journey on the path of self-employment?  If so, you may also want to check out the Un-Job Fair on Saturday, May 31st.  I look forward to seeing you there!

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