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Let the Beauty You Love Be What You Do

Rumi“Because there is only one of you, your expression is unique.  If you block it, the world will never have it.”  In Rick Jarow’s Ultimate Anti-Career Guide, he quotes a letter from dancer Martha Graham to fellow dancer Agnes DeMille, encouraging her to let her work be her authentic self-expression.

We are all called for some unique purpose during our lifetime.  This is called our “dharma,” our vocation, our calling.  So why is work considered to be the antithesis of art and self-expression?

Why don’t we all naturally move toward our bliss?

I would suggest that fear is the biggest obstacle to living our calling.  From very early on we are filled with fear in a multitude of forms.  Sometimes it’s self-doubt, sometimes a feeling of unworthiness or inadequacy or a fear of rejection.  Or simply the fear of failure.

How can we begin to move into our true, authentic, actualized selves and live our unique expression?

In preparation for the Un-Job Fair at Colorado Free University, I am going to begin a series of blog posts on this topic to find ways to step-by-step move in the direction of our true calling, follow our bliss, and let the beauty we love be what we do every single day.

The big day is only a little more than a month and a half away! To register, please visit the Colorado Free University website.

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