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Four of CupsThe Four of Cups

This morning I asked a question of the tarot, “Divine Guidance, please show me how I can increase my income and the flow of wealth into my life.”  I pulled the Four of Cups and felt confused by that, so I checked a website that has tarot card meanings,

Here is what it said for the Four of Cups, “Most of the time, people do not realize the abundance they live in every day. They are too concerned with what they want, and they have no time to look at their lives and see how much they already have.   This is not to say, by any means, that you cannot strive for more in life. When you have no ambitions left, your life will start to stagnate, and you will lose interest in the things that once gave you the greatest pleasure. Having no ambition is worse than having ambitions and standards that are too lofty to reach – but not much worse. A lot of the disappointment in life comes from people who want more, but who already have all that they need. The key to overcoming this disappointment is simply to see all the good that is in your life already, and be thankful for it every day. So open up your eyes and look for yourself!”

Recently a friend suggested to me that the reason my income is not in alignment with my skills and experience, is because I have “poverty consciousness” and I have put up energetic blocks to receiving abundance and wealth into my life.  Basically what the card interpretation is saying to me is that the wealth and abundance are all around me.  I’m immersed in it, yet I’ve blocked myself from receiving it, so I’m blind to it.

I need a practice of seeing all the wealth and abundance around me, feeling connected to it, immersing myself in it on all levels.  Starting now, I will begin a gratitude journal to bring the experience of wealth and abundance into my life.

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