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Going Back to the Basics

JournalingI’ve been going through a very strange time in my life, ever since mid-December.  Prior to that time I had been very extroverted and busy, then pulled back, went into retreat and wrote a 254 page novel in less than a month, then crashed, felt depressed, had writers block.  After about a week of that I started revising, that lasted for a few weeks, then I hit another period of writers block.

I have a friend who’s been experiencing something similar and I said, “Just let go and listen deeply to that part of yourself, listen deeply, empathetically and non-judgmentally.  See what that resistant part of yourself is trying to tell you.”  I, then, proceeded to take my own advice.  Instead of fighting the writers block, I let myself go as fully into retreat as possible (not responding to emails, etc.).  I’m house-sitting for a friend so I’ve had the space to spend a lot of time in solitude.

I sit quietly by myself with my journal for hours.  Last night I journaled non-stop for two hours straight.  I woke up in the middle of the night and journaled, then again first thing in the morning.  Because there’s nothing else to do, the part of myself that’s buried so deep is finally beginning to speak.

This feels like the best way I can offer myself support right now — giving myself the gift of solitude and retreat and listening as deeply, empathetically and non-judgmentally as I possibly can.  Besides what I’m learning from this process, the fact that I journaled for two straight hours last night (30 pages) is helping to break through the writers block, mainly because I’m not putting any standards on it.  My goal is not to be “productive” but simply to listen… because clearly there is a part of me that needs to be heard.  I’m just trusting this process.

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