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Setting Oneself in Order Sets the World in Order

Ireland Countryside“Are we there yet?  Are we there yet?”

Yes, we have arrived.  We are here…. now.

I took me a long time to get here.  And I could still resist being here if I wanted, but I think I’m tired of keeping what I want off in the distance.  I have decided to raise my tolerance for bliss, which means letting myself be, do, and have everything I want right here, right now.  This is not like what you’ll see on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine, “Have it All!”  What I’m talking about is a spiritual practice, but it’s not about asceticism and it’s not about hedonism and gluttony.

My spiritual practice is tantric.  Tantra means “tool for consciousness expansion.”  Tantra sees the Here & Now as the perfect place to be.  That doesn’t mean we can’t change things or create new things, but doing so doesn’t require that we reject the present moment circumstances as anything other than exactly what we need (and want) in this present moment.  The reason I added that we want what exists in the present moment is because it’s about radical responsibility, accepting that I created this, I brought this into my life.  There is nothing and no one else to “blame,” including myself.

Blaming anything or anyone, including oneself, is the opposite of responsibility.  Responsibility means we are able to respond.  When we place blame, we relinquish the ability to respond, and we dis-empower ourselves.  Taking responsibility is the only way to empower oneself.  When you are able to respond to a person or situation, you are empowered.

If anything in your life feels “out of order,” all you need to do is set yourself in order.  The world will reflect back what’s inside of you.

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