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He Said, She Said: How to Write Realistic Dialogue

Writing dialogue — realistic dialogue anyway — doesn’t always come easily.  Done well, dialogue advances the story and fleshes out the characters while providing a break from exposition.  It takes time to develop a good ear, but learning the simple rules and obvious pitfalls that you’ll learn in this workshop can make a huge difference.  Read and discuss a variety of examples of effective dialogue from well-know writers such as Stephen King, Richard Yates, or Frank McCourt.  Explore writing tags, inserting exposition, avoiding THIWS (talking heads in white space), and more.  Apply what you are learning with in-class writing practices.

Join author Evon Davis on Saturday, January 18, 2014, 1 – 4pm at 2009 Vine Street #1 for this fun and lively writing workshop.  Click on the Paypal button below to register today!

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