Princess of Pentacles


Abundance and Creativity

The Princess of Pentacles is very earthy.  She thinks about the material, physical, and sensual things in life.  She understands that these needs must be met in order to have a foundation for the higher needs on Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. 

Not only that, but she is naturally inclined toward concern for the sensual needs of others, making sure they are comfortable.  The kinds of thoughts she has are, “Are you warm enough?”  “Are you comfortable?”  “Are you hungry?  Would you like something to eat?”

She’s not interested in Ivory Tower Theories.  She is interested in pragmatic, down-to-earth results.  She’s good to have in business if you really want to get a stake in the ground and make real progress.  She’s not interested in sitting around talking about business and grandiose ideas.  She’s interested in taking action, making things happen. 

Money is often on her mind, yet she is not one of those types who is “high maintenance”.  In fact, she’s just the opposite.  She’ll whip up a beautiful home, a gourmet meal when all you can see are the crumbs.  How does she do it?  She sees abundance.  She is one with it.  She creates it out of nothing.

If you’re not serious about making something real happen, something tangible, she will move on.  She thinks all talk and little action is a waste of her time.  She’s into the tangible results, and she wants to see them fast, yet at the same time, she is very tenacious and persistent.  If she sees potential in an idea, project, or relationship, she will patiently wait for years for it to sprout and reach fruition. 

She’s got an intuitive eye for value.  Where others see nothing, she sees the budding of potential, but she knows that something can only blossom when it’s brought out of the realm of thoughts and into the realm of action.  If there’s something you want in your life, take action today to bring it into manifestation. 

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