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Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of FortuneDestiny and Fate

There’s a common theme in novels from the Victorian era in which a man goes out to “make his fortune” and the woman who loves him must wait until this very important task has been completed before he can come back and claim her as is wife.  It’s a romantic theme.  Can the woman wait for the man she truly loves, even if it takes him decades?  Or will she end up marrying another man simply because he’s already capable of providing a comfortable living?  Which will win out? Love or Money?

But in our modern world, women no longer have to wait around for a man to make his fortune.  They can make their own. 

I’m starting with this theme of “making one’s fortune” because with this card in the Tarot known as the Wheel of Fortune, the typical interpretation is that we have no control over it.  It’s Destiny.  It’s Fate.  You get the hand you’re dealt.

To some degree that’s true.  We cannot control every outcome.  However, we can control our response to every outcome.  And this is where we have the ability to respond by choice.  zodiacal wheel of fortune

The Hub of the Wheel is the place where one is centered and grounded, not whipped around by life.  In this place, a warrior has equanimity.  As don Juan teaches Castaneda, “All outcomes are equal.”  When you have this attitude, everything can be seen as good fortune.

Make your own Fortune, your own Destiny.  Fate can throw many things into your path, but can never tell you what to do with them.

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