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TarotStrengthThe Lion Tamer

Today’s card is Strength in the Major Arcana.  When choosing the artwork for this post, I chose the card on the left because of the unique imagery.  What I find interesting is that from my perspective there is something playful and childlike about this card.  Not surprising considering the card is ruled by the astrological sign of Leo, and Leo rules children and playfulness.

First of all, the woman is exposed, so there’s an indication of vulnerability, transparency.  It’s like being fully present.  She’s not hiding anything.  Secondly, she’s all out to tame the lion.  There is an element of total abandon, the way she has thrown herself into the task.  There’s no holding back.

I also find it interesting that they are both off the ground, so there’s a spiritual element to the card.

This card reminds me of a concept that don Juan was teaching Carlos Castaneda as part of the warrior’s path:  Controlled Abandon.  She has abandoned herself to the task of taming the lion, but at the same time, she is very much in control.

This is the meaning of the Strength card in the tarot.  Controlled Abandon.  It seems like these two things are contradictory, but they can blend together to create incredible strength and courage.

Over the years as I’ve studied non-violent communication, I have learned that the strongest people are the ones who can expose themselves and be vulnerable.  The only way one can do that is if she trusts that she can handle whatever comes from her choices.

Can you allow yourself to be vulnerable… completely exposed?  Can you abandon yourself and trust that you can handle any outcome?  If so, you have real strength.

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