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Lord of Knives (King of Swords)

King of Swords 1

The Game Master

The King in every suit is always a leader with a paternal feeling.  He is an authority figure in his realm of influence.  The suit of Swords (Spades in the tradition deck of cards) is ruled by the element of Air, which means it rules everything to do with the mind, intellect, learning, and communication.

Color is also important in the Tarot.  You may have noticed that the Wands are predominantly red, with orange and yellow, to represent the element of Fire.  Pentacles are predominantly green and brown to represent the element of Earth.  And Cup tends to be very bright and colorful like a rainbow.  While the Swords, being ruled by Air, tend to display very cool colors like blue, white, grey, black, and silver.

The colors and the imagery of the Sword cards point to the idea of the intellect as superior when a Sword card is drawn.  It is telling us to focus on anything to do with the intellect, the mind, learning, thinking, and communicating.

I call this card the Game Master because I think it’s important to see the beneficial side of this card.  Often people repel from the Sword cards, but there is no reason to ever fear any card in the Tarot.  Every card has a light and shadow side.  I suggest focusing on the positive message in the card.  King of Swords 2

An example of a Game Master might be Magister Ludi, the original German titled of Hermann Hesse’s book The Glass Bead Game, which means Game Master.  Another example of a Game Master can be found in the Hunter Games trilogy, particularly Game Master Heavensbee in Catching Fire

So when you see the King of Swords in a reading, this may represent a person in your life, or an aspect of your own personality that you can draw on.  How can you become the Game Master of your own life?

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