Tarot-Astrology Warrior Training

The Chariot Card in the Major Arcana

Sidhe-ChariotThe Chariot card represents the warrior.  Perfect!  Especially considering this blog is called the Warrior-Goddess Chronicles.  This is all about the strength we gain when we integrate the Light and Shadow sides of our being.  In other words, it’s the reward for doing Shadow work… you become an integrated, impeccable warrior.  You gain strength through the Shadow work because you are no longer leaking energy.

I find for myself I have to constantly be exposed to the idea and image of what a warrior really is.  I don’t mean someone who kills other people.  A warrior is a state of being.  A warrior is someone who cannot be undone; she is strong from the inside out.  That doesn’t mean she has a hard shell around her.  Because she has inner strength, she is also able to be vulnerable.  In fact, this is exactly where her strength lies.

While others lose their cool, the warrior remains calm, but not necessarily cold or flat.  She is still vibrant, alive, and passionate.  But having done her Shadow work, she is integrated and strong.

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