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Daughter of Scepters (Princess of Wands)

Wands_PrincessFiery optimism and light-hearted abandon. 

This is the energy of the Princess of Wands.  I find it interesting that I pulled another fire card today while the Sun is making its monthly pass through the fire sign of Sagittarius and the Moon entered Sagittarius at 11:31pm MST on December 1st.  So, she’s like the Moon version in Sagittarius.  Her energy is very much shaped by the optimism, light-heartedness, Joviality, and Centaurian abandon of Sagittarius.  She is playful passion.

What we can learn from this card is to throw ourselves with abandon into whatever we are passionate about, but at the same time, hold it lightly so as not to get heavy with too much seriousness.  It is possible to love passionately, abandon oneself, and yet have the self-control of a warrior, which means to let go of the outcome and never take oneself too seriously.  In the end, most of life is playful.

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