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The Lord of Scepters (King of Wands)

King of WandsLead with passion.

That is the meaning of this card.  The King is a leader and the card represents fiery warrior energy.  It’s a great card to start out the month of December because the Sun is in Sagittarius, a fire sign.  Being in Sagittarius, and considering that Mars in Libra will oppose Uranus in Aries the first of 3 times from December through May, it’s also a reminder to be careful when working with this forceful fiery energy.

Sagittarius reminds us to keep things light and Jovial, and not to take ourselves too seriously.  The Centaur also reminds us to be flexible, fluid, formless warriors so we don’t get burned by the fire coming from other people. 

That’s the balance of an impeccable warrior.  Use the energy of this card by leading with passion, but remember that passion at its core is fueled by Love.  Keep your passion and leadership love-based, be fluid with others, be impeccable, which means your power lies in not taking things personally.

Work with that fiery energy like a salamander.  Become one with it.  Let it motivate you to follow your bliss.  Let it burn away the detritus and non-essentials of your ego and self-importance. 

Catch Fire!  Lead with passion!  Empower yourself!

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