My Foray Into TV Land

the-carrie-diaries-leadI rarely watch television, but last night I was tired and decided to indulge.  First I watched an hour-long program on Nova about the increase in devastating hurricanes, and the likelihood of increasingly damaging hurricanes and floods due to the rising sea levels.  The show also covered some potential ways of protecting populated coast land areas.  It was fascinating.  Nova is on a public broadcasting station.  This important fact with have more relevance as you read on.

After Nova, I decided to check out a couple of commercial programs:  Nikita and The Carrie Diaries.  I thought I might like Nikita because it has a strong female main character who is a beautiful warrior-type (all the things I like), but I could barely get through the first 60 seconds before I turned it off, having had my mind assaulted by images of dead bodies with bullet holes in their brains, necks, and chests, dripping with blood.  No thanks!

Other than the strong female lead character, the show appears to be mostly about gun-toting and blood splattering.  In my opinion, that’s not what it means to be a true warrior.

So, then I switched to The Carrie Diaries, which is a high school version of Sex in the City.  I always liked Sex in the City (even if it was at times a bit shallow), so thought I might like the younger version, but could only stand about 10 minutes of that show.

Thankfully there were no dead bodies, but after about 10 minutes, I realized there was also no story, no plot, just buttoned-nosed blond teenaged girls swooning over and kissing totally hot teenaged boys.  Okay, if I were a teenager, or a dirty old man, I might find the show appealing, like the way cotton candy appeals to a four-year-old, but I’m neither, and I haven’t eaten cotton candy in triple decades.

I wonder who actually watches these shows and I worry about what’s happening to the collective American brain, if its neural networks are rotting in the pool of sugar and blood.

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