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Catching Fire

TheHungerGamesCatchingFireCatching Fire is the second novel in The Hunger Games trilogy.  I don’t normally read young adult, but when something gets this big, like Harry Potter or Twilight, it’s hard to miss… especially because I’m a writer so I’m interested in what’s hot in the industry… and because I like strong female characters, particularly female warriors.  The main character of this trilogy, Katniss Everdeen, fits the bill.

She is strong and courageous.  She has an intense will to survive, but also a willingness to sacrifice herself for the greater good.  She goes along with the dictates of the rulers to save her village, but when her village is wiped out anyway, her rage becomes full-blown.

This was the opening weekend for the movie, and though I haven’t read the third book in the trilogy, I suspect Katniss is ready to join the rebellion.

Sometimes when people read books or see a movie, they are inspired by the heroine, but don’t necessarily see the same capacities within themselves.  But the truth is, we are the heroes and heroines of our own lives.  We can choose to rise to the occasion just like Katniss does.

You don’t have to go to war in the literal sense in order to be a warrior.  It’s a way of living in the world.  If you feel anger or rage, and ask yourself, “When will things change?” the answer that Rick Jarow gives in his Ultimate Anti-Career Guide is, “When you get angry enough.”  When you have built up enough of that fiery warrior energy to make the necessary changes, you will.  When you catch fire, you can change your life and the world.

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