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A Warrior’s Purpose

warriorgoddess of the sacredDon Juan Matus said, “Everybody has enough personal power for something.  The trick for the warrior is to pull her personal power away from her weaknesses to her warrior’s purpose.”

When I read those words last night, I asked myself, “What is my warrior’s purpose?”

Life is so big, it was difficult to narrow it down at first, but when I thought of don Juan’s teachings for the warrior, I realized that my ultimate purpose is freedom.  For the warrior, freedom and power come from impeccability.  A warrior doesn’t waste time leaking energy and power through a victim mentality.

She knows that her greatest wealth is in her impeccability and her ingenuity.  As don Juan says, “A warrior is infinitely patient and endlessly innovative.”  She isn’t undone by challenges.  In fact, she embraces them.

I’ve discovered that with the right attitude and intention, we can live a life of blessings — even miracles — with ease and grace. The hard slog is old-fashioned and outmoded. It’s much more modern to hold hands with the universe and leap right over our limiting beliefs.

One of the laws of attraction is that we manifest in life what we believe we deserve.  In order to figure out what your core belief is, look at your life.  If you’re happy with it… great!  If not, why not?

The warrior embraces her struggles and her challenges on her path to freedom and power.  Walking this path is not a burden; it’s a joy.

A personal example from my own life where I was patient and innovative and leaped over a core limiting belief was with my marketing my business.  Marketing was my weakness and I avoided it for years.  But after nearly 12 years, I still wasn’t earning an income level commensurate with what I had earned as a patent paralegal.  I left that corporate legal job in order to follow my bliss, but after nearly 12 years, still found myself scraping just to make ends meet.

When I looked at my core limiting beliefs, I saw three things:

1) A belief that “no one really cares what I have to offer.”

2) “I have nothing” (because that’s how I felt growing up).

3) “I don’t deserve to be paid to do what I love.  I only deserve compensation when I’m suffering.”

Once I saw how these core beliefs were limiting me, I decided to blast through them.  I set my intention to be successful in my business, build my income up to at least the point it was at when I was a patent paralegal, and continue to follow my bliss.

My near core beliefs became:

1) People do want what I have to offer.

2) I am blessed with abundance that flows into my life easily and effortlessly.

3) My time is valued, and I am paid well, simply because I am offering the best of myself.

These new beliefs empowered me and served my warrior’s purpose.  That’s an example of how we pull our personal power away from our weaknesses to our warrior’s purpose.

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