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An A+ on Pluto’s Final Exam

daughter_of_hades_plutoEarlier this year I met a friend at Fluid.  We were meeting three days a week in order to consistently work toward monetizing our websites and taking care of other business related to being self-employed.  I’d recently had a tarot reading and showed him three of the cards:  The World, The Chariot, and the Magician.  For me, these related to the lessons I would need to learn when Pluto made an exact opposition to my ascendant three times in 2013, first on January 15th (direct), again on July 20th (retrograde), and the third and final time in my life on November 17th (direct).  I told him my goal was to get an A+ on Pluto’s final exam.

That’s today!

When Pluto opposed my ascendant on July 20th, it was horrible.  This is typical of the way Pluto works.  He tears you down in order to rebuild you.  In Alchemy that’s known as “solve et coagula.”  If you want further description of that experience, I wrote about it here.

The reason is was so prominent in my mind this year was because Pluto takes 275 years to make one pass around the zodiac, so not everyone will have this experience of Pluto opposite the ascendant in their lifetime.  I was fortunate to have the experience three times in one year!

Pluto is all about empowerment, and I do feel more empowered now.  But today is the last time I will ever experience Pluto opposite my ascendant.  It’s like plucking a juicy ripe fruit and I want to get every last drop.

When I think back to what was happening in my life a year ago, I remember getting a tarot reading from the Tarot Wizard at Mercury Cafe.  He told me, “If you work really hard in 2013, you’ll be really successful by 2015.”  I took his words to heart.  I find it interesting that it coincided with the three Pluto oppositions to my ascendant which are all about empowerment.

So here I am a year later on the final Pluto opposition.  It’s still early in the day, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it will all unfold.  I’ll write another blog post to report on how the day went.  But in general, I feel strongly that the major issues have been around self-worth, empowerment, developing my career, asking for what I need, and increasing my income.  I’m a very different person today than I was a year ago.  I have different expectations; I act differently.  I’m stronger, more self-assured.

With 2013 nearly over, my birthday close at hand, and the New Year on its way, I’m very much in a mindset of assessing my life, where I’ve been, where I’m going.  I’m setting my intention to be very successful in my career, developing it over the coming year and increasing my income.

Well, it’s time for me to get on with my busy day.  I expect to get an A+ on Pluto’s final exam today!

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