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A Warrior Seeks the Unknown

GreenFireWarrior-GoddessIn The Wheel of Time, Carlos Castaneda writes, “I have spent thirty-five years of my life seeking the maturity of a warrior.  I have gone to places that defy description, seeking that sensation of being seasoned by the onslaughts of the unknown.  I went unobtrusively, unannounced, and I came back in the same fashion.  The works of warriors are silent and solitary, and when warriors go, or come back, they do it so inconspicuously that nobody is the wiser.”

On some level this is true, though of course, through his writing, he does tell us about it when he returns, which is necessary to pass on the warrior’s knowledge.

This is the way I’ve felt about the world of business and marketing.  It was truly the “unknown” to me.   I was totally intimidated and didn’t want to go anywhere near it.  I kept waiting for someone to show up who would be my business partner and take care of that side of things for me.

I got pretty close with a friend.  In February this year, we decided that we were going to create websites that earn money. In other words, we were going to become “ProBloggers.”

He suggested that we meet consistently three days per week in order to build and develop our websites, increase traffic to our websites, and increase sales from our websites.

That lasted about two and a half months, then he pulled out in order to take a job.  But I kept going.  Now I was on my own.  At first, I was lost.  I was floundering like a jellyfish on the floor.   I was useless.

Yet, when I looked at the situation, I thought, Why do I need another person in order to make this happen?  So I decided to pretend as if that person were still in the picture.  I decided to continue meeting with him as I had before just imagining he were there.

When I had a question, I asked him, in my mind, for advice and listened to his answers, then took action on them.  I had brainstorming sessions with him.  He was amazingly helpful to me… in my mind.

I realize now that the only reason I was intimidated by business and marketing was because I was alone.  So I manifested a companion.  That’s a warrior’s strategy.  A warrior is infinitely patient and endlessly innovative.

Let yourself be seasoned by the onslaughts of the unknown.

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